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Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village


In order to make the benefits and scope of Ayurveda known to the world, an Ayurveda Academy was founded by Somatheeram. It has become a success with large number of students showing up to learn about Ayurveda.

The details of the courses taught here are given below:

Basic Panchakarma (Course Code: BPK01)
Duration: 45 Hrs. /20 days; Fees: Euro 2600*
Panchakarma (Panch=five, Karma=procedures) involves detoxification of the body using five processes namely Vamana (induced vomiting), Virechana (purgation), Basti (medicated enema), Nasya (Herbal application through nostrils) and Raktamokshana (blood letting).

Intensive Massage (Course Code: IMS04)
Duration: 40 Hrs. /20 days; Fees: Euro 2000*
Through intensive massaging procedures the body is toned, relaxed, relieved of pain and stimulated.

Basic Massage (Course Code: BMS07)
Duration: 20 Hrs. /10 days; Fees: Euro 1000*
Basic massage helps in improving blood circulation, repair worn-out tissues, eliminate toxins etc.

Marma Massage (Course Code: MMS02)
Duration: 20 Hrs. /10 days; Fees: Euro 1200*
‘Marma’ are those vital points which control the functioning of the whole body. Massaging the appropriate Marma points can help in correcting many conditions and problems in the body.

Foot Massage (Course Code: FMS03)
Duration: 20 Hrs. /10 days; Fees: Euro 1200*
Foot massage is similar to Marma massage except that it is carried out using feet. It helps in revitalizing the body, increasing flexibility and maintaining health.

Head Massage (Course Code: HMS09)
Duration: 10 Hrs. /05 days; Fees: Euro 500*
Head massage involves massaging the scalp, hair, neck, shoulder and arms using special herbal oils and massaging techniques.

Face Massage (Course Code: FMS10)
Duration: 10 Hrs. /05 days; Fees: Euro 500*
Face Massage relieves the stress and strain in the facial muscles thereby toning the skin and arresting wrinkles.

Neck and shoulder Massage (Course Code: NSM08)
Duration: 10 Hrs. /07 days; Fees: Euro 600*

Herbal Facial Beauty Care (Course Code: HFB06)
Duration: 14 Hrs. /07 days; Fees: Euro 800*
It is a combination of head massage and face massage for improving the fairness and glow of the skin.

Yoga (Course Code: YOG11)
Duration: 10 Hrs. /07 days; Fees: Euro 250*
Yoga helps in improving flexibility of the body, controlling emotions and bringing harmony to body and mind

Meditation (Course Code: MED11)
Duration: 03 Hrs. /06 days; Fees: Euro 100*
Meditation assists in developing a positive attitude and increasing concentration

*The course fee does not include accommodation and food and is subject to variation

  • The duration of the courses can be reduced as per the request of the students.
  • Classes are conducted by expert doctors
  • Somatheeram will be providing specimens, equipment and all other infrastructures including medicated oils.
  • A certificate will be issued by Somatheeram School of Ayurveda after the successful completion of the course