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Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village

Body Care


Ayurveda has everything to ensure body health, elimination of diseases and for mental relax (mansanthy) and perhaps no other medical branch promises such remedies with depending on herbs and nature. Mansanthy therapy is a best treatment for mental imbalance and neurotic disorders and the hormonal imbalance and the psychosomatic disorders are definitely cured with Mansanthy therapy of Ayurveda. Mansanthy therapy is a combination of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda therapy, where a holistic method is applying for treatment and nowadays this treatment therapy gets wide acceptance in Kerala and interstates. A course of Mansanthy would take a time span of 10 days and this therapy is very result oriented. A majority of men and women are living with so many psychic disorders and Mansanthy therapy definitely assures the reduce of stress and mental problems and this therapy would be completed only after some intakes o Herbal medicines. The Mansanthy therapy not only cures psychic disorders and hormonal imbalance, but also it cures many kind of health problems and diseases like Hyper tension, Ulcerative Coatis, Ischemic heart disease ,Peptic Ulcer, Diabetics, Mellitus, Bronchial Astma, Migraine, Rheumatic Arthritis etc. would have very effectively treated with mansanthy therapy. Anyway, Manasanthy therapy is a complete solution for hormonal imbalance and neurotic disorders. It has a very ancient tradition of thousands of years.
No of Days : 10
Cost : Euro 900
One time cost : -