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Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village

Body Care


Ayurveda is a very unique rishi medicinal science with lot of potentials especially with the abnormality in human body and of course with excess fat accumulation. All the treatments related with reducing the body fat expose the relevance of natural treatment. Ayurveda has everything that you would prefer from a better treatment to control and eliminate obesity. Udwardhanam is one of the best methods in Ayurveda to removing the excess fat accumulation in the body. Ayurveda also provides some to their effective methods to reduce body fat and all of the treatments are really depending on nature based and pure. Fat reducing treatment or the Slimming programmed in Ayureda reveals two types of massages. The two type of massages are very effective to cease and control of over body weight and one is medicated herbal powder massage and the other is medicated herbal oil massage. These massages have to continuously done for our weeks. 28 days or 4 weeks is needed to complete the obesity elimination treatment and Ayureda ensures guaranteed reducing of excess body weight. This slimming programme need something to add and it includes medicated steam bath. And also Ayurveda has some suggestions like intake of herbal Juices and herbal tea etc. Those who undergo at reducing treatment should have to take care about their food habits and they’re not permitted to eat anything as per their interest, but a very special Ayurveda diet is advice to them and whatever be, the slimming programme in Ayurveda is really effective.
No of Days : 21
Cost : Euro 1365
One time cost : -