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Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village



 Dhanyamla Dhara is an Ayurvedic therapy. It effectively works as an inflammation treatment and ensures pain relief. It can be say in another word as specially fermented medicinal therapy. Over the body or effected area of the patient, Dhanyamla Dhara spreads it’s curing effect. It also known as a massage therapy. It’s something different. Dhanyamla Dhara is a special kind of Ayurvedic massage therapy and it’s not so common as other massage therapies in Ayurveda. Dhanyamla Dhara assures many advantages and of course it’s a unique Ayurvedic massage therapy. It gives benefits like 1. Improves blood circulation. 2. Revitalizes the patient’s body. 3.Improves immunity. 4.Relieves body ache and muscle spasms, 5. Improves skin complexion. The Dhanyamla Dhara Ayurvedic massage therapy has certain other effective remedies on treatment of conditions like swollen joints, hemi plegia, neurological disorders, arthritis, spondylitis, rheumatism etc.Warm herbal liquid is poured from a hung vessel over the affected parts of the body. There are so many Ayurvedic ingredients are using for this Dhanyamla Dhara Ayurvedic massage therapy. In the world of Ayurveda, this very special therapy which called as Dhanyamla Dhara keeps a prominent position as the apart exposure of a uniqe massage device. While comparing to other Ayurveda massages, the Dhanyamla Dhara requires more Ayurvedic ingredients

No of days :14

One time cost : Euro

Total cost : Euro 560