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 Ayurveda is a complete solution in every aspect. With the amazing healing power, Ayurveda takes a prominent role in the health sector. Karna Purana is a very effective Ayurveda treatment which ensures the healing to all kind of ear problems. The Karna Purana, the treatment has certain initial formalities before starting the treatment for ear problems. Karna Purana can define as an ear therapy. It’s a 100% Ayurvedic process. It’s very special and it has everything that you would prefer from an apt Ayurveda treatment for ear ailments. Herbal oils are using for Karna Purana. Before Karna Purana, it has to go through a vibrant head and neck massage. In all kind ear disorders, Karna Purana delivers so many advantages. It gives some help to patients and perhaps many patients have not in aware of such benefits. There is an incurable disease called tinnitus. While undergoing Karna Purana treatment it makes good help to get relief from the difficult tinnitus disease. Karna Purana gives obvious result. The hearing quality of the patient will rise. The loss of hearing of the patient can be recover through Karna Purana. Karna Purana is a process of healing and it mainly works on ear disorders. The Karna Purana process can be reveal as the gently slow pouring of herbalized oil or medicated liquid in to the ears of the patient.

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One time cost : Euro 7

Total cost : Euro 7