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Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village



 Ayurveda, as a well know reality as rishi medicinal science, enlarges very olden treatments perhaps with a tradition over thousands of years. In this enriched and unique treatment phase it’s a revealing about Kathi Vasti. Kathi is a word taken from Sanskrit and it means the waist portion of human body. Kathi vasti mainly focuses on the waist related health problems. Kathi Vasti is a very result oriented Ayurveda treatment ensures relief for lower waist pain and to other un health problems. As a therapy, it has everything to get relax and peace. Kathi Vasti reduces lower back ache and it’s reliable Ayurveda treatment. Every year, hundreds of abroad tourists are coming to India to treat and experience the Kathi Vasti. There are two different treatments in the Ayurveda principle and one is palliative and the other is purificatory and the Kathi vasti hugs the basics of purificatory. It’s a better treatment to get relief from the lower back ache and prior to enter Panchakarma. Kathi Vasti the treatment promises so many benefits and perfect cure especially for lower back ache.It can be taken as a preventive treatment where the chances of the arrival of other ailments stops. Anyway, in every aspect Kathi Vasti takes a prominent position in Ayurveda treatment and it gives assurance to get relief and cure to lower back ache.

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One time cost : Euro 22

Total cost : Euro 22