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Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village



 Ayurveda is amazing in its treatment varieties and Ksheeradhoomam is a very special Ayurvedic curing method not so familiar to everyone. As a treatment procedure it has certain specialties where the patient is treated with dhooma or steam coming from heated milk. It’s a very useful treatment for many kind of nervous disorders. Ksheeradhoomam is an Ayurvedic treatment where some trouble hides. While undergo this treatment everyone has to careful about not to burn the body. The patient is treated with the dhooma or steam coming from the heated milk through the tube. Ksheeradhoomam is suggested or recommend for the treatment of facial palsies, speech disorders, muscle palsy and for various nervous disorders. Ksheeradhoomam is an expensive treatment while comparing to other Ayurveda treatments. The cow milk and some decoctions are using for this treatment. The decoction is prepared from some suitable herbal drugs. The expense would be rise depends on the physical condition of the patient. Ksheeradhoomam is considered as a unique and pure method of Ayurveda and it ensures guaranteed result. In kerala alone there are hundreds of abroad tourists are coming to undergo Ksheeradhoomam and it’s a relevant treatment especially meant for speech disorders and nervous disorders.

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One time cost : Euro 7

Total cost : Euro 7