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Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village



  Our society and the food habits have been changed. Everybody needs tasty food and majority of youngster are consuming un healthy food every day. The life style diseases are common. The abnormal fat accumulation in the body makes obesity and in and around we’re witnessing the unpleasant reality on obesity. Ayurveda has the remedy for obesity and it ensures better treatment without side effect or reaction. There is a unique treatment in Ayurveda and which is called Lekhaneeyam and basically it’s a therapy. A very special herbal paste is making for this purpose of treating obesity. In an upward direction, the herbal paste would have massaged in the body . Lekhaneeyam chikilsa or the slimming program have to continue for 14 days. The Lekhaneeyam therapy totally changes the metabolism of the body and the result would be genuine in every aspect. During the period of Lekhaneeyam treatment the patient should follow some diet restriction. It’s combination of many activities and which includes controlled ayurvedic vegetarian diet , Kalari massages, herbal powder and some enriched oils. The Lekhaneeyam is a special way to prevent the entry of further fatty deposits. Lekhaneeyam promises guaranteed weight reduction Kalari exercises and Yoga are also implies for this treatment.

No of days :-

One time cost : Euro 18 - Lekhaneeyam (Part), Euro 35 - Lekhaneeyam (Full)

Total cost : Euro 18 - Lekhaneeyam (Part), Euro 35 - Lekhaneeyam (Full)