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Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village



 Ayurveda, the rishi medicinal science is basically a treatment branch with very special treatment diversities. Sneha Panam is one of the best curing method of Ayurveda and it’s very special in every aspect. As a curative way Sneha Panam gives relax for certain body ailments and besides it’s a nourishing treatment. Medicated Ghee is the main product using for Sneha Panam. In Panchakarma the Sneha Panam plays an important part. Sneha Panam can be defined as the administration of medicated ghee. While preparing Panchakarma, the medicated ghee or Sneha Panam takes relevance, because without Sneha Panam, there is no entity for Panchakarma. The selected ghee is given to patients. The amount of the Sneha Panam can be vary or different as per the health of the patient. In accordance to the digestive power of the patient the ghee is givens. It effects the entire digestive system. The Sneha Panam consuming quantity would be changed or increased as per the capacity of the digestive system. The quantity will be increase. It’s on daily basis up to 300ml. But it has certain restriction especially to the period of Sneha Panam consuming. It must be take the timing only for maximum 7 days.

No of days :14

One time cost : Euro 13

Total cost : Euro 182