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Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village



  In Ayurveda, there are perfect remedies for mental abnormalities and neurotic disorders. Ayurveda ensures guaranteed result for all kind of nervous related ailments.Thalam is one of the best treatment especially meant for variety of diseases. Thalam is an Ayurvedic therapeutic remedy. Thalam is the Malayalam name for Shiro Vasti (Shiro Basti) and the Ayurvedic Theraputic measure Shiro Vasti can define as Thalam in Malayalam. Thalam enhance and nourishes the brain cells. It’s a very effective treatment and it cures insomnia, stress, tension and different kind of mental conditions. Thalam is pure and natural in every aspect. It has everything to prevent mental abnormalities. The way of Thalam activity is very special. The medicinal oil is retaining over the head in a sealed manner. A suitable cap is using for retaining the medicinal oil over the head. This process provides nourishment to the brain and it prevents brain damaging. In the past and many years back the Thalam treatment is meant only for mental patients and almost illness and mental disorders were treated successfully. The modern life styles create many kind of mental problems include with insomnia and stress. Thalam is a redesigned way of Ayurveda treatment especially to implement in stress, insomnia, tension, anxiety etc.

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