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Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village



  As an Ayurvedic therapy treatment especially designed for women, the Yoni Prakashalanam is very special and it’s a remedy for gynecology complaints . It’s process of cleaning to vaginal area and medicated oils are using for such an activity. Everybody knows the meaning of Yoni, t’s the genital part and Prakashalanam is a Sanskrit word, which means washing. The herbal oils or medicated oils are normally use for Yoni Prakashalanam. The vaginal root of the woman is the main body part to involve in Prakashalanam. The medicated oil has to pass through yoni(vagina) and as a therapy, it has everything to satisfy women. It’s really beneficial. The main process start as the application of herbal oils through the vaginal root. It’s an effective therapy. It ensures relaxation for Gynecological complaints. To alleviate gynecological disorders, this Yoni Prakashanam acts very result oriented. it’s a complete solution for women’s genital ailments like treat inflammation, erosions, infertility and more over for all kind of gynecological disorders. The Yoni Prakashalanam has the power to strengthen the vaginal muscles. Basically it’s a purification process which ensures benefits to women. The genital organs of women gets clean and fresh after yoni prakashalanam and it prevents fungal and yeast infections. There are specially designed theatres available in Kerala Ayurvedic Centers and hospitals for Yoni Prakashalanam. Quality and hygienic atmosphere maintains in every Kerala Ayurvedic Centers.

No of days :7

One time cost : Euro 10

Total cost : Euro 56