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Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village


House Boat tour

One/Two night stay in Soma Housebats,beautiful converted Kettuvallam (rice barges) is the perfect way to explore the backwaters. Alleppey has large networks of canals and is the center for backwater cruises in the state.

Manaltheeram takes special interest to arrange enjoyments particularly designed for guests/visitors. Boating is one of the Manaltheeram rejoice. It has a wide range of House Boats, that are with all facilities. There are house boats with classification like common/middle class and luxury. Backwaters are Kerala’s shining highlight and the visitors of Kerala taking special interest to enjoy backwater cruises, and it’s really unveils the rejoices of water theme delights. Soma House Boats plays an important role to uplift the special passion for backwater joys. Soma House Boats are designed very conveniently to cope with the aspirations of visitors/tourists and it ensures 100% memorable backwater experiences . Soma House Boats are very special with lot of facilities, the House Boats are furnished with A/C, dining room, bed rooms, conference hall etc, and with many features. It has a kitchen with sufficient cooking facilities and capable to supply pure Kerala delicious food varieties and the local culinary would have everything to satisfy everyone. Chef is available at any time in Soma House Boats. Soma House Boats keep an international exposure of best quality criteria. Soma House Boats delivers so many memorable experiences while takes cruise and it has everything that you would prefer from a best backwater trip. Besides Soma House Boats are the perfect device to cruise (to and from) Soma Kerala Palace Resorts and those who’re lucky enough to visit the same gets the unparalleled Soma House Boats service. Soma Kerala Palace the wonderful resort gets throughout visiting opportunities with the warm services extended by Soma House Boats. Soma Kerala Palace Lake Resort is truly an amaze, situated on an island at Vembanad Lakes.