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Corporate Social Responsibility is a commitment and self regulation followed by Somatheeram Ayurveda Group to support the society through welfare programs. These programs, which benefit the society, incorporate Eco-friendly measure, local human resource development and community programs. Ayursoma, the latest brand of this Group has been successful in implementing the principles of CSR.

Eco-friendly Measures

Rain water harvesting: One of the easiest steps to prevent overuse of groundwater is by rain water harvesting, which is practiced at Ayursoma. Recharge pits have been constructed to allow rainwater recharge ground water. Rain water is also collected in a pond for later usage after purification. Along with it Ayursoma is abundant in plants, more than 2000 varieties and trees all over, which naturally preserve rain water. Such simple steps are an example of sustainable practice which prevents water scarcity in the neighboring residences.

Waste management: Proper disposal of waste is a crucial responsibility of every individual towards environment, society and personal health. We at Ayursoma have implemented steps for proper waste management. The step is to avoid excessive waste generation by incorporating eco- friendly lifestyle during your stay at Ayursoma. Some of the salient steps are taken here

  • Colour coded bins to ensure waste segregation.
  • Bio – Gas plant has been introduced for food / wet waste
  • Incinerators are installed for burning Dry waste other than plastic, without polluting.
  • Paper and plastic wastes are recycled.
  • Plastics are avoided.

Sewage Treatment Plant This is a great initiative at Ayursoma, to recycle and reuse the water for gardening. Keeping in mind the vast garden area and plants, this method prevents over usage of water and is an in house waste management method

Use of Local Products:Buying local products has been a motto to support the local farmers and vendors around Ayursoma. This also ensures fresh produce from the nearing farms. Vegetables, honey and spices are sourced from Attappadi Tribal Co-operative Farming Society. Also, several herbs for Ayurvedic medicines are sourced from the tribal villages, which give us the best products from nature and also ensures source of income for these indigenous groups. Products like masalas and grains are bought from small scale units run by women of the nearby villages. Hence, Ayursoma has made it a practice to support such groups and create a better society where the smallest of groups benefit

Generating Employment for Locals: Ayursoma ensures to support the locals by providing employment opportunities. Most of the staff is locals who are well aware of the land and culture. This enables the staff to be their natural self and comfortable, leading to better service and hospitality. Also, musicians and artists from the area are given opportunity to perform every evening. This helps them financially and also encourages their art.

Hunar Se Roazgar ProgramOur F&B Service / Production, Front Office and House -keeping staff are trained under Hunar Se Rozgar Programme which focuses on professional skill development. This program is a standard training initiative launched by Government of India, Ministry of Tourism to enhance the employee skills and create better service and job opportunities.

Beach CleaningAs we are set on the beachfront, it is our responsibility to keep it clean to preserve the natural beauty. An hour is dedicated every week, where the staff and department head of Ayursoma, take up the task of cleaning the beach and nearby village areas. This has spread awareness among the locals to preserve their environment.

Need of the HourAyursoma has always been upfront in taking measures to support the society and the areas around. New conservation projects are implemented whenever required, to reform the conditions.

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