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Somatheeram Ayurveda Village is world’s first Ayurveda Resort located 21 km from Trivandrum International Airport, south of Kovalam, Chowara beach opened its doors to the Ayurveda clientele in 1985. Here, relaxed holidaying is coupled with Ayurveda clinical treatments, Ayurveda packages and wellness treatments. While on a trip down south Kerala, the sun-kissed Somatheeram premises are set a neat backdrop seeking to relieve the cacophony of daily life and replace with calm and peace. If gentle sea breezes, beach walks, tanned bodies and sand art are appealing, we promise that and deliver much more. Somatheeram provides meaningful Ayurveda healings and services to allay worries and anxieties as well as to treat illnesses. Our Ayurveda treatments and therapies cater to the health conscious generation. At the skilled hands of the therapists, you will reach the destination of holistic wellness. For those interested in yoga and meditation we have yoga masters on duty to avail the proper guidance. Luxury, convenience and tradition are taken care of in the amenities and accommodation facilities on offer at Somatheeram. All rooms have a stunning view of all vicinities. They are well designed and equipped with 24 hour room service, laundry facilities, and telephone and fax facilities. The Ayurveda Vegetarian restaurant at Somatheeram is always ready with a variety of delicious mouthwatering dishes suitable for Vatha, Pitha and Kapha nature of human body. Schedule the evenings for art and cultural performances. Somatheeram arena is the prefect space to host entertainment programs. The resort ambience of Somatheeram Ayurveda Hospital is a complete solution for wellbeing and enjoyment alike.

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Soma Manaltheeram

Manaltheeram, gives you an opportunity to pamper yourself with a heavenly experience, let the "Science of Life" restore your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional equilibrium. Situated 21 kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram International Airport in Kerala, India. Manaltheeram is as outstanding as its sister concern, the World's First Ayurveda Retreat "Somatheeram Research Institute & Ayurveda Hospital".

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Soma Palmshore

A combination of ‘Beach, Ayurveda and Yoga Resort’, it offers a panoramic view of the sea at the world famous palm-fringed Kovalam beach. At Soma Palmshore, we offer bespoke Ayurveda clinical treatments and treatment packages. You can choose from rejuvenation therapy, detoxification/body purification, slimming/weight reducing, anti-stress/stress management and beauty care, whatever your desire. An idyllic holiday resort by the beach, Soma Palmshore has everything you need to take a break from the mundane, relax, refresh, and relive every moment. Located at the Kovalam Light House Beach in Kerala, which is popular world-over for the sun, the sand and the surf, Soma Palmshore shows the very familiar place from a new angle. Enjoy a comfortable stay, delightful cuisine, rejuvenating experience of Ayurveda, soothing effect of Yoga, an experience of the local tradition and culture and much more to please your senses. Managed by Somatheeram, the Ayurveda People, Soma Palmshore has gives you the best of beach, Ayurveda and yoga. We invite you to visit our resort to get a feel of the place, first-hand. And look forward to having you as our guest.

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Soma Birdslagoon

Bird lovers, ahoy! Amazing things are in store at Soma Birds Lagoon. The marvelous birds’ lagoon is a stone’s throw away from Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Thattekkad near Kochi. An idyllic spot for tranquil bird-watching, it is the largest tropical bird sanctuary in India. Soma Birds Lagoon, owned by the Somatheeram Ayurveda Group, is proud to be the first birding resort in Kerala. Soma Birds Lagoon conducts gala events and a birds club supplies a whole list of the birds of Kerala. The presence of a nearest bird sanctuary makes it a hotspot for visitors to indulge in wild life and bird photography. November to May is season for migratory birds in Thattekkad at this time it becomes a meeting point for avid birdwatchers to catch a glimpse of the migrating birds. Rare birds like the Ceylon Frogmouth can also be spotted here. The well-known ornithologist, Dr R.Sugathan is based in Thattekad. The ardent birder, a disciple of Dr. Salim Ali, is regarded as a best guide in South India.


Soma HouseBoat

Soma Houseboats is a successful venture of the Somatheeram Ayurveda Group. Soma Houseboats offer many cruises connecting the main backwater destinations of Kerala. Alappuzha (Aleppey), one of the most popular destinations, forms the starting point for most of the cruises. The shortest trip involves a tour of the nearby places in the Alappuzha and Kuttanad regions and the longest trip covers many fascinating places and regions along the length of the backwaters. The speciality of Soma Houseboats is the blend traditional and eco-friendly design with the most modern facilities.



One would wonder if this is even a hospital, and, that’s where Ayur Soma stands apart. With facilities of the highest order, that match the best five star facilities, hence, this property becomes a Boutique Ayurvedic Hospital. This specially designed Retreat that offers you the centuries old medical treatment of Ayurveda carefully deports you to the land of the Cheras, with its palace style architecture.

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